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We offer equipment of leading manufacturers of diving systems, such as Mares, Aqualung, DUE, Suunto and many others. Here you will find everything you need for every taste and budget.

SSI - Scuba Schools International

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Shortly About us

Diving is an active recreational and cognitive sport, it is also traveling and lifestyle. For safety enjoyment of the underwater world you need to learn. "I'DC-club" is a well-known international scuba diving school, which has a high status of SSI Dive center and Mares Diving center, founded in 2000. The training in our school is conducted according to the international SSI ISO standards. All instructors of our school are experienced professionals-enthusiasts. The variety of courses in our school is the largest in Ukraine. We travel with our divers all over the world.

Those who just want to try what scuba diving really is can make a trial dive in the pool under the supervision of the instructor. This program is called “Try Scuba Diving” and lasts about 3 hours: theory + practice. All necessary equipment is included. The cost of Try Scuba Diving is 850 uah.

If you decided to become a diver you need to pass the initial training course Open Water Diver. It consists of 6 trainings in the swimming pool + 6 theoretical classes + 6 dives in open water (theoretical examination + training materials + Certificate are included). The course costs 17 000 uah. All training are conducted in Kiev. The course is held individually with you.  


Frequently asked Questions

How much time will take all the training course?
Will long interruption in training affect for receiving diver certificate
What are the requirements to the state of health for those who want to do diving?
Is it hard to learn to stay under the water technicaly?
How do i get started?
What equipment needs to purchase before you start?
At what time do classes start?
How long does the open water diver initial course lasts?
How long i can stay under the water with the filled cylinder?
When I'm diving under the water in the pool, my ears begin to hurt. Will it be the same during the scuba dive?
I want to know about ssi. What is ssi?
When i can fly by airplane after my diving?
If i wear glasses, is it a problem for diving lessons?
I’m already diver, but i lost my certificate. Can i get another one and how long time will it take?
What is the filling of underwater gas cylinder? Is it oxygen?

IDC club

Our Prices

Try Scuba Diving

850 UAH

Open Water Diver Course

17 500 UAH

Scuba Review

1000 UAH

Peak Performance Buoyancy

5500 UAH

Enriched air Nitrox

5500 UAH



10, Vozduhoflotsky Ave., Kiev
and in the swimming pool:
2 Vozduhoflotsky Ave., Kiev.